Genie GS-1930 Safety Decal,Sticker Kit


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Genie GS-1930 Sticker Kit.

This is a Full safety Symbol Decal Kit

It is an aftermarket product that does not contain cosmetic decals.

Decals with Symbols, GS-1530/1532/1930/1932 (Europe) CE Models (from SN
GS3005A-76000 to GS3007A-91731) and (from GS3005B-76000 to GS3007B-88079)

Our Genie Decal kits are printed using eco-solvent inks that will not smudge when wet and are UV resistant for many years. We Print onto the highest quality Vinyl that will last for years for years to come.
We stock decal kits all types of plant & equipment from all major brands. If you require sticker for something youve not seen on here, please send as the details and we’ll added it to our libary.